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PMQ Coffee Agenda

Driving New Buzz in Mainland China via China Digital Marketing Services for PMQ Coffee Agenda 2023

PMQ Coffee Agenda 2023 - China Digital Marketing Services

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PMQ is a vibrant arts and lifestyle complex in Hong Kong that has become a renowned destination for creatives. The highly anticipated PMQ Coffee Agenda festival has cemented its status as Hong Kong’s premier celebration of coffee culture. Coffee culture in Mainland China is growing, particularly among youth who appreciate unique flavors as evidenced by social media discussions on specialty coffee topics like #coffee.

While the event would strongly interest mainland audiences, exposure there has remained relatively low. As a China marketing agency in Hong Kong, we promoted PMQ’s both its creative destination and upcoming Coffee Agenda showcase to new mainland audiences through China digital marketing services and a dedicated Xiaohongshu marketing campaign.

Success by the Numbers

9,000% Engagements KOL Videos
Top 3 Search Results Paid Search & Brand Mentions
370+ Followers Official Account Fan Base Growth
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Increase Event Awareness in Mainland China

PMQ aimed to significantly boost awareness of the Coffee Agenda festival within mainland China, introducing potential new audiences to the unique coffee culture, experiences and value offered by the event through China digital marketing services and Xiaohongshu marketing.

Engage Mainland Chinese Young Coffee Lovers

Harness AI to effortlessly generate customized and branded ad variations, maximizing outreach efforts toward YAS audiences without excessive time or resource consumption.

Drive Attendance from the Mainland Audience

By cultivating fans’ knowledge of and affinity for the event, the campaign strove to increase consideration among mainland Chinese to visit Hong Kong specifically for the specialized Coffee Agenda experience.

Our Solutions

Content Seeding by Xiaohongshu KOLs

Partner with 3 Xiaohongshu KOLs to post experience videos from the event on Xiaohongshu and Douyin to showcase authentic experiences and drive engagement.

Media & Forum Partnerships

Release targeted ads and SEO-optimized promotional articles with media outlets and travel forums to improve event search visibility.

PMQ’s Official Account Engagement

Plan 3-phase publicity on PMQ’s WeChat, Weibo and Xiaohongshu official accounts including promotional posts and viral campaigns.

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