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West Kowloon Cultural District

Award-winning social media and online advertising campaigns to reimagine the brand as fun and interactive to attract foot traffic.

West Kowloon Cultural District

West Kowloon Cultural District

The Xiqu Centre and the Freespace are two signature venues within the West Kowloon Cultural District. To bridge the gap with young generations, and promote on-site experience as social distancing measures evolved, we strategized a series of online engagement. Since 2019, NDN Group has been the social media, online advertising and AR and VR partner of West Kowloon Cultural District.


  • Social media management and content creation
  • Interactive experience production
  • Google SEM
  • Programmatic Network Buying
  • Micro-influencer marketing

Success in a Snapshot

AwardedBest Use of Mobile Online Campaignby Interactive Advertising Bureau Hong Kong for the 2021 season 2
4.28%high click-through rate (CTR) with precise keywords in Google SEM
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Emotionally Connect the West Kowloon Cultural District and the young generation

To make the traditional performing arts in Xiqu Centre and contemporary art at Freespace more accessible and appealing to the public, especially among younger generations.

Attract more visitors

Promote park visits and online engagement by targeting online channels against the Covid-19 strike.

Our Methodology:

Revolutionizing Engagement

To bridge the gap with young people, who have been put off by social distancing measures, we have developed strategies to increase engagement from online to on-site experience.

Transforming Perception

We started by bringing contemporary art to the public, and we have changed people’s perceptions of the Xiqu Centre and the Freespace by creating online ads and social media content, especially AR and animated Instagram filters, as well as a WhatsApp stickers.

Our Solutions

A Digital Customer Journey for Building Brand Awareness and Credibility

Online hype with animated IG Filters and WhatsApp Sticker Pack

We engaged the online audience during the social distancing measures by creating a dancing mural of an Instagram filter for West Kowloon Cultural District that danced according to the user’s facial expressions. We also created a series of whimsical mural WhatsApp stickers to create online hype over the venue.

Spicing up the on-site experience

When social distancing measures were removed, and traffic was restored, we enhanced the experience of visiting venues in WKCD and connecting the community with contemporary art from Freespace and traditional Chinese opera from Xiqu Centre through AR and animated Instagram filters.

Influencer marketing

We used influencer marketing to project the WKCD, Xiqu Centre, and Freespace as a professional, trendy and artistic on-the-spot experience. This met with a lot of public interest and appealed to younger people.

Social media management

We have run social media campaigns for WKCD on Facebook and Instagram since 2019. By posting engaging content and social ads, we have grown the audience on the CRM to make sure we have enough information to run effective campaigns at a low cost per click.

Google Display Network (GDN)

Part of our online advertising campaign included placing GDN on local media websites. We also implemented Google Responsive Ads, which automatically adjust their size and format to fit available ad spaces across the display network. This native formatting also better matches the look and feel of the websites they are shown on. A higher overall reach makes for a more engaging experience for users. In the end, we achieved a higher CTR than normal GDN..

Google SEM

SEM had the highest click-through rate in the campaign and was therefore best at driving quality traffic and ticket sales. SEM achieved numerous impressions and showed a 4.28% high click-through rate when we used precise keyword targeting to drive traffic.

Our Results

We have achieved excellent results—including overmillions of Facebook engagements with 88% being people under 34. On WhatsApp, thousands of stickers were downloaded. We also achieved a high click-through rate of 4.28%and low cost-per-click rates on Facebook by growing the CRM audience to drive brand awareness. The numbers show that we have successfully made WKCD well-received by the younger generation.
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