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Yale Home Singapore

Successful launch of smart locks using full-cycle marketing strategy online advertising, gamified social media marketing, and chatbot.

Yale Home Singapore

Yale Home Singapore is a strong brand that produces smart door locks for the peace of mind of consumers. The company had new products—the YDM 7220 BioSecure and Yale Linus—that it hoped to promote around the year-end holiday season with a full-cycle digital marketing strategy.


  • GDN online advertising
  • Interactive social media chatbot
  • Social media marketing with engagement games
  • Ad retargeting

Success by the Numbers

10x increased engagement of average social media post
~3% CTR, much higher than market standard
80% higher visibility in search results
Success by the Numbers


Develop Awareness of New Products

Yale is one of the world’s most celebrated names in smart home tech products. The company recently launched a new line of products and would soon require a robust digital marketing strategy to raise awareness and make its new products stand out.

Optimize Social Media Engagement

Yale Home Singapore’s Facebook page has a digital presence, with well-planned and frequent posts. However, the Facebook algorithm limits organic reach, which is why it’s essential for companies to use an interactive social media engagement strategy and integrate social media chatbots into their marketing campaigns.

Our Methodology:

We helped Yale Home Singapore to raise awareness of its new product through the application of digital marketing methodology.

Understand the Target Audiences

To promote these two kinds of products effectively, we identified these segments of audiences:

A) YDM7220 Biosecure, the 5-in-1 anti-bacterial solution for family-first and affluent nesters, and
B) Yale Linus Smart Lock, a sleek and modern smart lock for first-time smart-home tech adopters and urban dwellers

Catching the Seasonal Time

Promote the new products by capitalizing on the time of year-end and new year holiday seasons.

Our Solutions

A Digital Customer Journey for Building Brand Awareness and Credibility

Full-cycle Digital Marketing Strategy

Full-cycle Digital Marketing Strategy
We use Google display ads, social media marketing, and chatbot technology to create a full-cycle digital marketing strategy. We use display ads to raise customer’s awareness of the new products, then engage them with social media, capture leads with chatbots.

Rich Content Messaging for Relevant Audiences

Instead of delivering the typical message of peace of mind, we tailored our messaging for audiences in times of seasonal festivals: for friends parties, for family gatherings with various behaviors, and a new smart home product to try in the new year.

Gamified social media engagement

Combining paid tactics and giveaways with organic social media, we created a social media game by challenging participants to design mystery games with Yale’s new products. The social media feed stood out from others with exceptional results.

Social Media Chatbot

We adopted the social media chatbot to capture leads by designing a set of interactive questions and guiding them to choose a product suitable for their needs. Whether urban dwellers who want to host parties or families looking for durable products, the chatbot helps them to find the right solutions.

Our Results

Yale Home Singapore experienced tremendous success with a digital marketing strategy that within 3 months a 1,000% increase of social media engagement with gamified feeds than other regular posts. In weeks, the campaign achieved 3% good CTR and generated quality leads for Yale Home Singapore as well.
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