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YAS Microinsurance

Elevating Traveler Marketing Through AI-Generated Dynamic Creatives for Hyper-Personalized Digital Transformation

YAS Microinsurance

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As a leading lifestyle insurance provider in Hong Kong, YAS Microinsurance understands that many Hong Kong people love to travel. With that in mind, New Digital Noise partnered with YAS Microinsurance to develop an innovative AI-generated dynamic creative solution to better engage a diverse traveler audience with hyper-personalized content.


  • Dynamic creative optimization
  • AI-generated personalized ad variations
  • Custom audience segmentation

Success by the Numbers

1260% CTR growth
500%+ additional leads generated
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Precise Personalization

Leverage AI to gain deeper insights into consumer behavior, pain points and habits to enhance customer experience. Craft hyper-targeted ads uniquely tailored to each individual’s preferences.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Harness AI to effortlessly generate customized and branded ad variations, maximizing outreach efforts toward YAS audiences without excessive time or resource consumption.

Accurate Audience Targeting

Identify and reach the precise profiles with AI-powered dynamic creatives, ensuring the campaign seamlessly reaches the designated and accurate target audience.

Our Solutions

We helped YAS uncover high-performing audience segments and themes through large-scale testing of dynamically generated ad variations.

Generating Large-Scale Variations

We dynamically optimized ad creatives, focusing on variables such as popular travel destinations, insured item categories, and key demographic factors.

Analyzing Early Performance

Initial analysis found creatives centered around destination themes strongly outperformed in engagement. The top three creatives successfully promoted travel to Tokyo, coverage for camera equipment, and travel to Europe.

Optimizing Top Concepts

Leveraging initial insights, the highest-performing concepts were refined with new targeted variations, aimed at sharpening appeals based on elements driving the best responses.

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