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A person holding an award-winning camera in Hong Kong.
Fight For Show
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Life after school can be quite challenging. Allowing youth to work on fun projects in groups is a good way to build their confidence and prepare them for future endeavours. Fight For Show is a non-profit organisation that promotes social...
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Going the Extra Mile with Social Media
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With its unique ability to effectively reach and engage niche audiences and communities, social media is a powerful platform for brands to achieve both business goals and amplify social impact. Making use of such connectedness, New Digital Noise is assisting...
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A group of people in Hong Kong sitting in a room with an orchestra.
Marketing with Art
Art is capitalised by businesses large and small to draw target audience’s interests. When used right, it delights the senses and offers fresh perspectives on how audience perceives the brand. Hong Kong is now a hub for international and local...
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The Dawn of a New Era: Cryptocurrency
By now, cryptocurrency is not a stranger to the world. It has become one of the most polarising topics out there. Some see it as digital gold and to some, it’s fool’s gold. To help interested individuals understand what is...
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Social Media Strategies for Non-profit Organizations
Gone are the ages of push-selling strategies. Social media platforms are a level playing field for enthusiastic marketers to deliver engaging content. We believe social media, with the viral factor and analytics, is a perfect low-threshold tool for non-profit organizations...
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A man is presenting digital marketing strategies in Hong Kong.
The Future of AI and its Applications
In this fast-changing world, everything you can imagine changes by seconds. The topic of AI has been widely-discussed and its applications have been growing exponentially. In partnership with IBM, CoWork Tech Hub NDNX invited Joshua Zheng, Program Director of IBM...
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Award-winning guide on 5 steps to effectively manage a social media crisis.
5 Steps on Managing Social Media Crisis
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Do you have a social media crisis plan? Most businesses do not and that can lead them vulnerable to big problems. In social media, anything can spread like wildfire and even the smallest misstep can turn into a huge debacle....
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