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Rejuvenating a Century-Old Legacy

A poster with award-winning Chinese characters and people standing in front of a Hong Kong building.

A household name in Hong Kong, Pok Oi Hospital has been providing quality medical and social services to the community since 1919. Their services span from dental to Chinese medicine, from primary schools to nursing homes.

Pok Oi Hospital sought New Digital Noise’s help to reconnect with the community and build up their social media presence among target audiences. Operating for almost a century, the Hospital has a strong heritage and a storied past. These are powerful elements to add to the brand’s marketing strategy.

Stories always fascinate people. That’s why we have made sure to talk about the brand’s past, along with its present (various service updates) and future (vision) — all in a fun way!

We tell Pok Oi’s story with a lifestyle approach, starting the content with topics they can easily relate to. One of our recent examples is drawing attention to the Hospital’s Chinese Medicine service with an autumn nourishing soup recipe. The creative content is accompanied by clean and chic illustrations and animated graphics, which makes it stand out even more.

Drop us a line if you are interested in knowing more about keeping a brand fresh on social media!

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