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Highly Unique and Dynamic Landscape

Welcome to China, the world’s largest social media market. Social media is a daily necessity for over 930 million Chinese internet users to interact, engage with news and entertaining content, shop, and share opinions.

We are your trusted China marketing agency in Hong Kong to let your brand be seen and loved on China’s highly unique set of social media platforms. Learn how you can make your brand shine in China with our bespoke China digital marketing services.

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How to do digital marketing in China?

Your presence on the most popular social media channels is the first step to building brand awareness. Seamless e-commerce experience combined with the social influence of KOLs will also give your business in China a boost. As your China marketing agency in Hong Kong, we’ll help you excel in the dynamic market.

How to do B2B marketing in China?

B2B digital marketing perhaps lands more opportunities than building business “guanxi” (relationships). WeChat and top search engines such as Baidu, Qihoo 360 and Sogou are the popular B2B digital channels to win high-value sales in China. Webinars are also a phenomenal tool for B2B marketing in China to meet businesses as industry leaders.

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