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Award-winning New Digital Noise is one of the Hong Kong’s leading SEO service agencies. Our SEO team boasts deep experience across a wide range of sectors and industries, from internationally recognized brands, blue chip companies to SMEs.

Higher rankings means you get more visitors for the same effort, or the same number of visitors for less money. Our SEO service will boost your search engine rankings so that you attract a greater number of highly targeted and relevant visitors to your website, which means more sales and more enquiries.

Our Service

How We Will Improve Your SEO Rankings

We utilize a variety of SEO and keyword research tools to find search phrases that matter to your business and develop an online PR campaign with sharable content. That way, we can build quality links to boost online exposure. As we go about optimizing your pages for search engines, we ensure that each page is rich in the appropriate on-page SEO factors. For the top rank on Google, our SEO strategies are built on the Google Webmaster Guidelines for the latest SEO best practices. You can rest assured that your money is well spent for lasting brand visibility.

Step 1.

Consultation and research

We begin your SEO campaign by gaining an in-depth understanding of your business and competitors, including your branding, target audience, and strategies. We will create an effective SEO campaign that builds on your brand and online presence, bringing in more customers to your business.

Step 2.

Website Audit

We will review your website’s information architecture and conversion rates to discover and suggest improvements. In addition, we will work with our expert in-house UX designer to identify and recommend improvements of your user experience in line with your goals.

Step 3.

Keyword Research

Based on data about your business, we help you uncover and target SEO keywords that people use to find your business through analyzing search volume, intent, and relevance to help you attract more customers through organic search.

Step 4.

Content Writing

Content is the backbone of SEO to win the favor of Google. With a team of creative and experienced writers, we use SEO AI tools to identify gaps in your content to create the most ingenious and attractive content in bulk for the eyes of search engines.

Step 5.

Link Building

We create a plethora of high-quality, inbound backlinks as a form of online PR for your website, improving its ranking on search engines. At the same time we ensure there are no broken links to disrupt your SEO. We will also help optimize your Google business listing.

Step 6.

On-site Optimization

We perform on-site optimization, including new information architecture, detailed page titles and relevant meta descriptions. We will also optimize your site by adding special codes that help Google index your site, and and fixing broken links and coding errors that cause slow loading times.

Step 7.

Conversion Rate and UX Optimization

We use Google Tag Manager and optimize the user experience to enhance conversion. This improves your customer funnel, enabling you to convert prospects at every touchpoint throughout their cycle.

Step 8.

SEO Submission

The final step is to submit your site to search engines such as Google and Bing for indexing.


Why Us as Your SEO Service Agency?

SEO-certified experts with rich
portfolio of success stories

In-house writing experts for bulk creation
of SEO-friendly blogs and content

Award-winner in online advertising in Hong Kong

Local presence in Hong Kong and Shanghai for 20 years


How can I get SEO results fast?

Results of SEO efforts may take months to appear. Four to six months is considered enough time for a firm to start seeing results from SEO work. However we know how important fast success is to you, so we’ve invested in cutting-edge AI SEO tools to streamline your research, content creation and analysis.

What is the difference between onsite and offsite SEO?

On-page and off-page SEO are two different methods of search engine optimization. On-page SEO typically focuses on improving the quality of your website, whereas off-page SEO focuses on leveraging sites outside of your site to improve your search rankings.

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