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Social media marketing agency in Hong Kong, China, and Asia

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At New Digital Noise, we are your go-to social media agency in Hong Kong, China, and Asia to make your brand voice come to life and build online communities for you. Backed by the expertise of managing the world’s wide range of social media platforms, we drive traffic and leads with a strategic mix of the right channel, influencers, social media ads, and relatable content that makes your audience click.

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Our Social Media Marketing Services


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Our wide team of versatile experts will help your brand expand onto ANY social media platform of your choice.

Expanding into China?

We’ve got your back.


Why Us As Your Social Media Agency?

digital marketing agency
in Hong Kong

Local presence in
Shanghai for 20 years

Up to speed with
social media marketing trends
in Hong Kong

Work with a wide network of KOLs and vertical media

Maximize conversions
for full-channel campaigns

In-house creative and
copywriting team


How to be a relatable brand on social media?

Being relatable on social media is one important metric to break through to your audience on social media and build sticky customer relationships. We recommend filling your social media strategy with empathy and humor inspired by pop culture and viral trends to make your brand experience memorable.

Why social media is one of the best way to advertise?

In the digital-first world, advertising on varied social media platforms can reach specific target audiences using targeting tactics and flexible advertising formats. Social media advertising can also retarget audiences and measure ROI compared to traditional and out-of-home advertising.

Let your digital growth journey begin.