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Award-winning web design and app development that delivers stunning digital experiences across all devices.


Why Do You Need Website and App Design?

Just as people search, surf and shop for just about anything today, a delicately crafted responsive website and app are your digital storefront.

As a digital marketing agency in Hong Kong, New Digital Noise turns companies into brands by creating custom websites and mobile apps. We work with clients to renovate their sites or develop apps from scratch for an intuitive and memorable experience that draws customers to businesses like moths to a flame.

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How Will the Web & App Development Process Look Like?

1. Meet and Plan

Our developers and designers at New Digital Noise will help you craft a clear idea of what you want your new website or app to do. We’ll work with your team to strategize, scope out a solution, and start the development process.

2. Design and Develop

We will develop your site or app in a predictable, orderly fashion, with well-thought-out milestones, while keeping you involved every step of the way.

3. Website & App Optimization

We use high-tech performance monitors to check your website and app, making adjustments to make sure everything is running at optimal levels.


Why Us as Your SEO Service Agency?

A full-stack team of world class designers and developers

Versatile experiences from FMCG to tech, from finance to culture and arts

Award-winner in online advertising in Hong Kong

Local presence in Hong Kong and Shanghai for 20 years


We already have a beautiful website. Why is website optimization necessary?

Since you’re already off to a good start, why not take it further? You’ll be able to outrun your competitors in a longer and more sustainable term. For long-term success, however, you need to constantly update your site, refine your SEO practices, and keep in mind current web trends.

Should I develop a mobile website or an app?

A mobile website can be considered a more accessible starting point than a mobile app, whereas mobile apps can work faster for a specialized activity. Factors that are important to your business will determine which is the best choice.
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Attract new users and keep them coming back

App and website design that puts your best foot forward and converts visitors into customers.