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A man holding a phone displaying the top 10 digital marketing campaigns of 2018 in Hong Kong.
Top 10 Campaigns of 2018
1) Blue Starting from the second half of 2018, we have been assisting Blue, Hong Kong’s first digital life insurer in unfolding its first-ever digital branding campaign. It is a highly integrated campaign, with touchpoints spanning social media, video production,...
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Two professionals in business attire are seated in front of a chair, showcasing their expertise in digital marketing at an award-winning event held in Hong Kong.
The Art of Storytelling in Marketing
Extra Mile Hong Kong is a community investment project aiming to provide youngsters with a local working holiday, taking advantages of the gap year to learn about different career opportunities at the Airport. Having great interest in aviation, Molly is...
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A person holding an award-winning camera in Hong Kong.
Fight For Show
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Life after school can be quite challenging. Allowing youth to work on fun projects in groups is a good way to build their confidence and prepare them for future endeavours. Fight For Show is a non-profit organisation that promotes social...
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