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Xiaohongshu Marketing: Winning Chinese Tourists and Engaging Gangpiao with Content Seeding and KOL Partnerships
Mainland Chinese travelers and the growing population of “Gangpiao (港漂)”, i.e. mainland 'drifters' who come to Hong Kong to work or study, present a major opportunity for Hong Kong businesses to tap into and capture sales. However, with competition fierce...
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How Gift Guides Can Lead a Customer into Purchasing a Specific Product
If you’re looking forward to the holiday season, then you know just how lucrative holiday shopping can be. When you market your products to your target market using gift guides, you give them a hassle-free way to find exactly what...
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How to use award-winning hashtag campaigns in digital marketing to engage your target audience.
How to Use # Hashtag Campaigns to Engage Your Target Audience
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Roughly half the world is on social media. Almost 3.8 billion people use social media in 2020. Once you’re online, you have the power to target markets like you never could before. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and even...
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Award-winning WeChat games can increase interaction among people through Hong Kong.
7 Ways WeChat Games Can Increase Interaction Among People
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With over 1 billion users play WeChat games, WeChat is one of the most actively used social messaging apps in the world. And this is just the number of registered users on WeChat. These players may game on and off, but a growing segment...
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10 seasonal advertising ideas for Christmas incorporating digital marketing strategies.
10 Seasonal Advertising Ideas: Christmas Marketing
Waiting for that WOW Christmas marketing idea to supercharge conversions and brand awareness without an unbelievable budget? Well, this is exactly what you need: 10 successful showcase ideas across industries. One example we supercharged site traffic, conversion, and brand awareness was...
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