Social Media Marketing Ideas to Freshen Up Your Brand’s Feed

September 8, 2022

Written by Jhasmin Vidal

Social media is one of the best marketing platforms you can utilize for your business. However, developing original social media marketing concepts is one of the most difficult aspects of managing your company’s social media campaigns.

Although it can be difficult to consistently provide fresh and interesting social media content, your audience expects your brand to deliver high-quality content.


Social Media Marketing

To keep your friends and followers interested throughout the year, we’ve compiled a lengthy list of our best social media marketing strategies.

No matter what kind of business you run, these suggestions will assist you in producing more interesting and diversified content.

Here are some of the ideas you can implement on your social media accounts to boost your campaigns:

1. Host Giveaway and Contests

People love free stuff.  That’s why one of the most effective social media strategies for generating prospective followers’ engagement is hosting giveaways and contests.

According to statistics from Tailwind, 91% of Instagram posts with more than 1,000 likes or comments are tied to a contest. In the meantime, it’s been observed that accounts that regularly run contests expand 70% quicker than those that don’t.

You don’t believe us? Just look at how much love and engagement Memeland got with this contest. It’s 100x better because it’s posted as an Instagram reel.

They got over 4.3M views because of the “remix” feature on Instagram. It allows their followers to repost the reel and add their own video beside it, allowing more people to view the video.

2. Share UCG from Your Followers

Sharing user-generated content is an excellent way to give your fans and followers a new perspective on your brand. It gives your fans and followers e a new perspective on your brand while also strengthening your relationships with your customers and leads.

Consumers frequently trust content from everyday people more than brand content. According to AdWeek, 76% of survey respondents said they trusted the average person more, and nearly 100% of consumers trust other consumer recommendations.

User-generated content is an excellent social media marketing strategy because it demonstrates to followers that you are not the only one who thinks your company is fantastic.

Here’s an example of an effective user-generated content campaign on Instagram:


Over the past four years, marketers have consistently named Glossier as one of “The Social Media Brands to Follow.” Their social media marketing success is due to a simple but effective content mix of branding, audience interest, goals, and user-generated content (UGC).


3. Create How-To Videos

A blog isn’t the only place where your followers can be educated. While articles are an excellent medium for breaking down step-by-step instructions, social media short-form videos can be equally effective.

Buzzfeed creates Instagram videos of delectable recipes that are broken down into actionable steps. Each video is brief, straight to the point, and easy to follow.


4. Make a Poll

If social media has taught us anything, it is that people enjoy sharing their thoughts. Polls are a simple and effective way to engage your audience and learn more about what motivates them.

You can quickly create a poll on Facebook or Twitter and begin engaging your audience. This can be an excellent way to learn more about their preferences and adjust your strategy to improve their online experience.

5. Partner with other Brands

Collaborating with another brand with a similar target audience can be a great way to increase your exposure across the best social media platforms.

The goal is to select a company that is not a direct competitor but whose target market could benefit from your products or services.

The GoPro & Redbull co-branding campaign Stratos is one of the perfect examples of this.

GoPro does not only sell action cameras, and Red Bull does not only sell energy drinks. Instead, both have made a name for themselves as lifestyle brands.

To make the partnership work, GoPro provides athletes and adventurers from all over the world with the tools and funding they need to film races, stunts, and action sports events from the athlete’s point of view. Red Bull, on the other hand, uses its experience and reputation to run and sponsor these events. 

6. Repurpose Content from Blogs & Videos

Creating great content does not always necessarily require reinventing the wheel. There are numerous ways to repurpose your content in order to maximize its value over time. This includes more than simply reposting links to your content on your social media channels.

It can also include repurposing content in different formats to appeal to different audiences.

This short Instagram video from First We Feast accomplishes this by providing a sneak peek at a longer video on the company’s YouTube channel:


7. Jump on Trends

The best social media ideas can strike you when you least expect them. Trending topics on Twitter and Facebook provide an opportunity for brands to capitalize on timely content.

While there is a limited window of opportunity for such content to be relevant, topical posts can generate massive traffic.

This was the case with Oreo’s classic tweet during the Super Bowl blackout a few years ago, which received nearly 15,000 Retweets.

oreo classic tweet

A less time-sensitive way to stay up to date is to mention a big event that you know is coming up. Posting about Mid-Autumn Festival greetings or exclusive deals can be a great example.

8. Post Video Testimonials

Who better to speak up for your brand than your existing customers? Video testimonials are an excellent way to demonstrate to prospective customers how others have found success with your products or services. Request that some of your best customers provide a short testimonial video about why they love your brand.

You can even interview customers at tradeshows and events and make this live content available to your fans and followers if you want to add a live element.

Slack’s video testimonial is a unique take on this idea:

Since Sandwich Video, the company that created the video, used Slack to collaborate on their project, the video serves as a testimonial. However, it also offers a brief explanation of Slack’s features.

9. Host a Social Media Takeover

Takeovers give someone else control of your social media accounts for a period of 24 hours. Handing over your social presence to an influencer or celebrity with a large, active audience is a great way to get your brand in front of new faces.

It can also inject a new voice into your account if you’re running low on social media post ideas. You can also assign your account to someone else in your company to spice up your feed.

Consider business partners and industry connections who might be good candidates for a takeover. The goal of a takeover is to gain exposure, so choose someone whose audience demographic is similar to your own.

For example, the foodie website Food Republic frequently allows famous chefs to take over their Instagram account. By handing their accounts to chefs from all over the world, their followers are always treated to new content.


10. Post Memes

Brands should not be afraid to showcase their sense of humor.

While meme marketing isn’t for everyone, social media is a haven for humorous images and satire. There is definitely a time and place for memes, as demonstrated by companies like Chubbies

Of course, keep in mind that memes have a limited lifespan. Memes may appear cringe-worthy and out-of-touch to an audience that isn’t familiar with humor. However, many brands with younger audiences and a strong social presence could benefit from some humor.

Which social media ideas intrigue your interest?

If you’re sick of posting the same old content, try some of these social media ideas. Brands should never feel compelled to limit themselves to a single type of content. With so many options available, your social feed should never feel bland.

If you’re having trouble breaking out of a rut or simply looking for a new content plan, book a free consultation with us. We’ll help you better plan and manage your social media campaigns for you and make sure that you’ll achieve your goals for your company.

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