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Is social media right for luxury brands?

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Luxury brands promote exclusivity. Social media, on the other hand, is all about reaching out and connecting with the largest audience possible. It seems unlikely at first but turns out the pair does works magic — only with the right content.

With the majority of luxury shoppers using social media, brands are now making the most out of social space without compromising exclusivity. With this in mind, NDN Group is dedicated to offering customized solutions to drive engagement, incorporating multimedia applications, new online technologies, and unique approaches to bring marketing luxury brands to the next level.

Vacheron Constantin
The world-renowned Swiss watchmaker wishes to promote its astronomical timepieces in a way that fits its brand image. We had in turn produced video content featuring an interview with the brand’s Artistic Director Christian Selmoni. The video, in which Mr. Selmoni introduced his favorite watches, forges a personal connection and thus brand affinity with local audience while persevering elegance and class.

W Hotel
Identifying mainland travelers as the hotel’s target clients, NDN Group devised a WeChat campaign that centers around HTML5 (H5) development. Visually appealing pages are created to introduce the brand to potential clients and boost sharing, with a well-designed user flow to lead visitors back to the hotel’s main Wechat account.

Fashion Walk
A distinctive shopping destination that offers the latest in fashion, gastronomy, and lifestyle, Fashion Walk also needs to be up-to-the-minute on its social media platforms. Acting on the popularity of the Patternator app earlier this month, we created an enticing GIF that managed to drive engagement while staying chic.

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