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Building a Successful Social Media Campaign for a Beauty Brand

An award-winning woman in a black dress standing in front of a city in Hong Kong.

By now no brand would dismiss the power of a successful social media campaign in digital marketing. Being able to interact with users around the world instantly, the platform’s capacity to engage and influence consumers is beyond our imagination. With its far-reaching impact, a brand can be elevated or ruined in a matter of posts. Therefore, choosing the right social media partner is crucial to your social media success.

We are happy to announce KATE, a dynamic makeup brand under Kanebo Cosmetics Inc., has appointed New Digital Noise as their social media partner. We have since helped KATE devise social media strategies, oversee content creation and monitor daily operations of its different social media platforms.

To resonate with KATE’s younger audience, who use multimedia content online for tips and advice, we have debuted a series of step-by-step video guides on charming eye looks with the brand’s eye-shadow palette.

There’s no better way to create hype on social media than hosting a prized competition. And a competition that gets personal with followers further drives brand loyalty. We created a game for KATE where Facebook followers were to guess how many lipstick shades are in a featured photo, and to share which colour appeals to them most. Ten lucky winners were awarded a free lipstick. The game has reached over 17K people online and has an average of 8% engagement rate.

If you are looking for a new digital partner and are not afraid to try something new, please do not hesitate to drop us a line. We are more than happy to have a chat and hear your needs.

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