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The Best Kind of UX/UI design

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User experience and user interface, typically referred to as UX and UI, are key to quality website and app design. UX refers to the procedure of elevating the overall user experience when they interact with the application or website, while UI focuses on the look and feel.

They ensure your audience understand how to utilise the meticulously curated features of the website and app (the product), and more importantly, enjoy the experience and stay loyal, hence generating sales leads in the long term.

At New Digital Noise, the UX/UI process is an ongoing cycle composed of three stages: to understand, explore and materialise. First and foremost, we empathise with the product’s target users through extensive research. We invite them to participate in interviews, questionnaires or focused groups.

Our research before developing a lifestyle blog for an insurance company found that target users mainly concerned about healthy eating, fitness, lifestyle and medical insight. These four personas later became the core pillars of the website, with tailor-made content for each pillar such that users can easily acquire access to the information they are seeking.

Another principal objective of the UX process is to eliminate barriers that disable users from experiencing the full benefits of the product. So the sacred duty of a UX designer is to identify pain points during the customer journey through repeated testing and fine-tune in order to achieve the optimal user experience.

In one of our projects, we assisted a financial agency to launch a credit card app for lifestyle and entertainment usage. With the younger generation as our target users, we created prototypes for testing in focused groups to find out their financial management experience. We then analysed the data collected and ideated ways to eliminate possible pain points.

The prototypes will be tested repeatedly and refined until a more elaborate version rolls out, which is ready for further interface development and programming before launch. New Digital Noise provides a research-based UX/ UI design that perfectly balances customer satisfaction and your business goals. Drop us a line to learn more.

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