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How do Instagram users think about digital marketing?
Understanding How Instagram Users Think
Having an Instagram account might have given your business an edge at one point in the past. Unfortunately, in this day and age where even mom-and-pop stores have a strong social media presence, more needs to be done to make...
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Award-winning digital marketing at MWC Barcelona 2019.
MWC Barcelona: Mobile Innovations to Watch in 2019
MWC Barcelona, previously known as Mobile World Congress, takes place every February in Barcelona. It is the world’s largest mobile technology exhibition in the world. Themed ‘Intelligent Connectivity’, this year’s event focused on the high-speed 5G networks, as well as...
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The unexpected future of digital marketing in Hong Kong with 5g.
The Unprecedented Future with 5G
In its effort to promote the realization of 5G by 2020, Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications put together a video clip, titled Connect Future ‘The world connected by 5G’, which offers a glimpse into a future with 5G...
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An award-winning website showcasing Chinese characters and a picture of a girl in a sled with exceptional digital marketing and SEO strategies.
Grow Your Business With SEO Marketing
Organic marketing is essentially related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the process of improving a website to increase organic reach and ranking on the Search Engines. The algorithms behind the ranking system of a search engine are absurdly complicated and ever-changing. However,...
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Two award-winning women practicing yoga on top of a mountain.
The Vital Role Of Email In Omnichannel Marketing
What is omnichannel marketing? Successful businesses don't idle about and wait for customers. They reach out to them via multiple marketing channels. To take a step further, consider omnichannel marketing — a cross-channel content strategy to optimize user experience, enabling...
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Award-winning podcast explores the power of voice in digital marketing.
Ride The Voice Technology Wave Via Podcasting
Facebook recently launched their podcast series 3.5 Degrees. Another big player moving into the voice space through podcasting. There are countless opportunities in this area and voice technology is just at its infancy. Convenience plays a great role. Different from...
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An award-winning man utilizing SEO for digital marketing purposes, while looking at his phone with the text monetize micro moment.
Micro-Moment: The Golden Window With Your Target Audience
Gone are the moments when we would find ourselves staring blankly into space while waiting for takeout or riding a bus. With a smartphone in hand, people often use these brief moments to compare prices, read product reviews, or simply...
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A collection of award-winning phones optimized for SEO and digital marketing featuring a trivia game.
Trivia Game, The Real Future of Television
Have your colleagues been disappearing en masse a couple of times a day for 15 minutes each time? Don’t worry, they’re probably just playing trivia game — the online game app of the moment. The Rise of Trivia Game Trivia...
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A smartphone with geotargeting capabilities for digital marketing in Hong Kong.
Acquire The Audience You Want With Geo-targeting
When working on target marketing, online marketers often go all out to solve a key puzzle in mind: How to maximise efforts while minimising errors? With a simple digital tool, we’ve found a solution for one of our clients. We...
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Two pictures of a digital marketing kangaroo on a beach in Hong Kong.
Ticket to Powerful Travel Marketing
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Travel marketing is about providing an outlook for escape and adventure. Taking to social media, marketers make sure to achieve the following in one single entry — it should entertain potential travellers, inform them about something new and most of...
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