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Our Design Process for UX & UI

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Our Process

I. Descriptive and market analysis

– Determine the main goal of the system (the activity that it is intended to support)

– Competitive/ market analysis (map out functions and features as comparisons)

II. Field study and determining requirements

– Conduct small field study to determine system concepts and proposed tasks

– Customer journey mapping (determining at each step how user will come in contact with the system)

– Define system requirements

– Brainstorm design alternatives that meet the requirements

II. Prototyping and experiment design

– Create low-fidelity prototype

– Pilot study and test prototyp with a few main groups of users

– Iterations, create medium fidelity from results learned from preliminary research

– Conduct cognitive walkthroughs/ usability testing (set up scenarios to test users on a list of realistic tasks)

– Heuristic evaluation

III. Analyze results

– Gather all results and do iteration and improvements on medium fidelity prototype

– Confirm medium fidelity prototype by testing with actual potential users and seeing minimal confusions

IV. High-fidelity implementation (iterations)

– Keep iterating and updating as the system roll out (being sustainable by constantly improving)

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