The significance of UX design in digital marketing and SEO in Hong Kong.
Explore the Importance of UX/UI Design in Customer Interaction
UI/UX plays a significant role in any brand’s success. It can help you reach new heights but only if you deliver a good service. This article takes you through the latest UI/UX trends and its benefits to help you understand...
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What is geo targeting in SEO?
What is Geo-targeting
What is geo-targeting Location-based technology – namely location data, geo-targeting and geofilters – is opening up a world of possibilities for marketers. Yet it is also complicated as new capabilities and use cases seem to emerge every day. With the goal...
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How is digital transformation in Hong Kong enhancing customer experience with award-winning digital marketing strategies?
How Digital Transformation is Enhancing Customer Experience
Digital transformation is forcing enterprises to change their business strategies and adapt to the new market models. Digital technology has transformed customers’ habits. Mobile devices, chatbot, apps, machine learning, automation allow customers to get what they want almost exactly at...
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What is digital transformation in Hong Kong's award-winning digital marketing?
What is Digital Transformation
Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. It is the process of using digital technologies to create new business processes, models, culture, and customer...
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A person in Hong Kong is holding up an award-winning phone to showcase extreme sports for SEO purposes.
Leap Your Way To TikTok Campaign Success With NDN Group
For over a year, NDN Group Shanghai has worked tirelessly with AJ Hackett Macau, home to the world’s highest commercial bungy jump, and successfully established a strong presence on TikTok for the bungy operator, receiving up to 1.9 million exposures for...
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Award-winning digital transformation in Hong Kong.
The C-Suite talk: Achieve success at Digital Transformation
Just when you think by now surely all companies have mastered their digital transformation, a recent report by Forrester Consulting suggested otherwise. A mere 5% of organizations said they had successfully made digital an advantage over their competitors. What does a business have...
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Award-winning digital marketing campaign focusing on Chinese tourism and integrating WeChat Pay in Hong Kong.
Breaking Into China’s Tourism Market With WeChat Pay
WeChat Pay is already a part of everyday life in China, a popular payment gateway supported almost everywhere - taxis, supermarkets, hospitals and even as a way to facilitate communication between judges and litigants in court cases. Following the launch...
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Award-winning vibe virtual insurance and banking experience in Hong Kong.
All-In-One Digital Revamp For Financial Services
Virtual banking is nothing new. It started to gain recognition 20 years ago in the West and soon later in Asian countries like Japan and China. In late March 2019, Hong Kong issued the city’s first-ever virtual banking licenses. Still,...
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Digital marketing award winner displays Whatsapp and Facebook logos on a phone in Hong Kong.
Connecting Facebook Ads with WhatsApp
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WhatsApp Business is an Android instant messaging app specially designed to help small businesses advertise and interact with their customers. Launched by WhatsApp in 2018, WhatsApp Business offers tools to help businesses sort, automate and facilitate their communication with customers....
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Award-winning 2019 digital trends from Hong Kong.
Top 2019 Digital Trends
The digital world is ever-booming in ways you never thought possible, but only to a certain extent — the following five trends are unstoppable and bound to happen in 2019! 1. Hyper-personalization Anticipate more cross-industry collaborations that will prompt more...
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