What is geo targeting in SEO?
What is Geo-targeting
What is geo-targeting Location-based technology – namely location data, geo-targeting and geofilters – is opening up a world of possibilities for marketers. Yet it is also complicated as new capabilities and use cases seem to emerge every day. With the goal...
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How is digital transformation in Hong Kong enhancing customer experience with award-winning digital marketing strategies?
How Digital Transformation is Enhancing Customer Experience
Digital transformation is forcing enterprises to change their business strategies and adapt to the new market models. Digital technology has transformed customers’ habits. Mobile devices, chatbot, apps, machine learning, automation allow customers to get what they want almost exactly at...
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What is digital transformation in Hong Kong's award-winning digital marketing?
What is Digital Transformation
Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. It is the process of using digital technologies to create new business processes, models, culture, and customer...
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A person in Hong Kong is holding up an award-winning phone to showcase extreme sports for SEO purposes.
Leap Your Way To TikTok Campaign Success With NDN Group
For over a year, NDN Group Shanghai has worked tirelessly with AJ Hackett Macau, home to the world’s highest commercial bungy jump, and successfully established a strong presence on TikTok for the bungy operator, receiving up to 1.9 million exposures for...
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Explore award-winning mobile video marketing.
Boundless Potential: Mobile Video Marketing
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Is mobile video marketing a force to be reckoned with? You bet! Back in 2015, UK adults on average spent 15 minutes on mobile video daily.  The figure is predicted to surge to 58 minutes by 2021, according to eMarketer. A...
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Sofina x sophia is an award-winning digital marketing campaign from Hong Kong.
How to Pull Off a Seasonal Campaign
Retail businesses around the world love Christmas. Many brands choose to pull off an online campaign dedicated to the festive season, seeing this as a huge marketing opportunity to make noise and drive sales. This article will explore how an...
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Award-winning Blue x Airbus SEO advertisement in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Zero to One: Digital Marketing Integration
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There is way more behind a digital campaign than creating a Facebook page and boosting posts, especially one that starts from nothing. It requires a focus on brand-building strategies across platforms implemented with significant technical expertise. From September onwards, we...
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Hong Kong's award-winning digital marketing scene, exploring the new digital world with a focus on SEO strategies.
Storytelling with Video Marketing
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The directorial debut of screenwriter Sunny Chan Wing-sun, Men On The Dragon won over hearts at the theatre this summer with a life-affirming Hong Kong tale. The film follows four telecommunications employees as they embrace challenges at work and in...
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A woman is showcasing an award-winning digital marketing campaign in Hong Kong through a phone screen.
Instagram Turns Two
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IG Stories has just turned two in August 2018. Attracting 400 million users daily, it is now a great way for businesses to make noise while having fun with its array of built-in functions — learn to make full use...
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An award-winning digital marketing campaign featuring the Instagram logo on a phone screen.
A Quick Guide to Instagram Story Ads
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According to Instagram statistics, one-third of the most viewed Instagram Stories are generated by businesses. Also, one in five Stories receives a direct message from its viewers. This is how promising it is to place Ads on this popular feature...
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