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An award-winning digital marketing agency utilizes a magnifying glass to analyze a list of passwords for SEO purposes.
Getting to Know the General Data Protection Regulation
Brands serving a global clientele online will know privacy is one of the key concerns addressed by information security today. On May 25, 2018, the EU has enacted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to better regulate the way that personal data...
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A man stands in front of an award-winning wall full of paper, showcasing his expertise in digital marketing.
How to Choose a Marketing Agency
Choosing a Marketing agency is one of the greatest challenge your business will face. With a significant amount of change taking place in the traditional marketing, many companies are looking to hire expert digital marketing agencies to market their business at the global...
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Emily Cheng, an award-winning UX and JD designer from Hong Kong specializing in digital marketing.
What Is User Experience Design? Interview our UX/UI Designer, Emily Cheung!
1. For the people who don’t know about User Experience, could you please give us a short introduction? User experience is how you feel when you interact with apps, websites, gadgets and brands, and a UX designer's role is to...
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A laptop with the words ux flow on it, utilized in digital marketing.
Our Design Process for UX & UI
Our Process I. Descriptive and market analysis – Determine the main goal of the system (the activity that it is intended to support) – Competitive/ market analysis (map out functions and features as comparisons) II. Field study and determining requirements...
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Jumpstart Your Marketing Efforts
Advertising and marketing in the 21st Century needs to go a lot further than television and radio. Most marketing happens online through social media, your company’s website and anywhere else content can be posted. Content marketing lets you tell your...
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