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Why O2O Commerce is important for you

O2O Strategies

Nowadays, rentals are high and many retailers are suffering and not seeing the sales growth they’re used to, while e-Commerce online and mobile retailers are ramping up and increasing their ROIs tremendously. Because of this, everyone is looking for Offline to Online (O2O) strategies. But the term (O2O) is often times confusing for many and no one understands what O2O is exactly. Here’s a breakdown of what it really entails and a few strategies to achieve it:

What is it?

Online to Offline is a new business mode that combines online shopping with the front line transactions. Those that adopt O2O strategies provide services, information, discounts and messages to online users, who will then be converted into customers of the offline business partners. O2O strategies are great for businesses dealing with consumer goods and services like restaurants, beauty salons and movies, to name a few. Customers may buy online, but they can still enjoy the service offline if they want. Many like O2O strategies since it offers them a great combination of consumer service experience and site traffic online. It provides the best of both worlds – online and offline – so that consumers can see deals online and then choose to seek them out offline.

O2O Strategies 

Companies that adopt O2O practices usually place importance on their online experience and service, but provide a number of offline benefits to accompany their online focus. These companies may offer things like: in-store pick up when ordered online; free shipping outlets; web-return centers; pickup locations; payment booths; and centers for online sales in their actual retail stores.


The benefits of O2O strategies is that brick-and-motor retail outlets can dabble in both online and offline purchases, allowing them to increase their sales and growth. They’re not longer left out of the e-Commerce trend and can push their products online before consumers go into the store to actually buy them. By having a strong online presence and allowing consumers the online option, they’ve secured loyal customers that are more likely to use their offline services when needed.

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