December 20th, 2016

Marketing Story with Jolly Shandy: Awareness & Engagement

Marketing Story with Jolly Shandy

From Paula (GM of New Digital Noise)

When I was a Media Planner at FCB in late 90s, I handled Jolly Shandy media planning and buying. The media strategy was to create awareness of the brand, and the media selections had to achieve 85% Reach with 60% 3x frequency. Therefore, 2 spots were placed on TVB Jade every prime time night during launch week, together with 5 magazines insertions and a 12-sheet MTR package to cover all MTR stations. What I had to do and I can do was “AWARENESS”, make sure the target audience able to “RECALL” the brand. In 2015, I meet Jolly Shandy again!

New Digital Noise handles Facebook content management of Jolly. The aim of the project is to “ENGAGE” with consumers and then becomes top of mind awareness when purchasing beverages. Therefore, my teammates are creating contents to talk to fans, interact with fans by replying their comments even talk to them via Facebook. Fans are surprise and enlighten. They purchase Jolly Shandy, post to Jolly’s Facebook wall, so as to show their supports to Jolly Shandy. Consumers ENGAGE with Jolly Shandy.

Jolly Shandy has been in market for over 20 years. Most of the consumers shall know the brand. But the next question is, do they remember and/or able to recall the brand? The other question is how to induce consumers to choose Jolly Shandy among 30 types of beverages in 7-11? The magic word is Engagement! Once the consumers engage with the brand, they love it and then action. Facebook Fans buy Jolly Shandy to show their supports after being engaged via Facebook contents.

A glance to TVC or outdoor billboard aware consumers about the brand, and contents marketing drives the emotion of consumers. Contents of Jolly Shandy Facebook page includes school life, teens’ interests and topics of the town. Product promotion is less than 20% since the main objective of contents marketing is brand engagement. Besides, we encourage fans’ replies by interacting with fans. Fans even treat page admin as their friend.

During The Period Of April 30 To August 28 Total no. of post: 33 (8 post per month, 2 posts per week) Fans growth: from 13,242 to 20,457 (+53%) Total no. of clicks: 441,639 Total no. of Engagements: 110,535 (100,098 likes, 5,425 comments, 5012 shares) Engagements per post: 3,350 Game rules changed! From awareness to engagements!

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