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Digital communications trends for 2016

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Great marketers always stay ahead of the game, and here’s what you need to know about the digital communications trends of 2016:

1. Video Marketing: Hot in 2015 and hotter in 2016
According to Cisco, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. We have produced over 100 videos in 2015, and are expecting more to come with the incorporation of new technologies like 360° VR videos. With Google launching video ads within search results, it’s definitely time to spice up your video marketing strategies.

2. UX/UI: Towards user-centered design
Corporate websites and mobile apps no longer serve marketers’ or corporates’ interests only. As transactions are moving online, digital platforms, including both mobile and desktop, will move toward user-oriented design. Great UX/UI enhances stickiness and loyalty to your brand and products.

3. Experience marketing: Your consumers will be your marketers
Craving that matcha cheesecake after you saw your friend’s #foodie picture on social media? Consumers will help you market your brand when they have a good customers’ experience. Engage them and induce shares on their social media platforms.

4. The rise of Instagram advertising
Targeting post-90s, aged 17-26 in 2016 and a generation with big spending power, Instagram advertising is soaring. With Instagram ad launching last September in Hong Kong, beef up your visual strategy to reach the 1.5M monthly active users.

In 2015, marketers were firing up content marketing. In 2016, content marketing will cool down a bit. While it remains as an important strategy, quality should matter more than quantity. Marketers should ask themselves, what’s the intention behind likes and shares? Budget and resources will hence be assigned to performance-based marketing such as programmatic buy and facebook ad optimization.

Stay tuned for Paula’s prediction on business streams and online advertising in 2016.

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