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5 Search Habits During New Years

5 award winning search habits during the new year in Hong Kong.

The year is about to end and the holiday season is just around the corner. Every year, the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s brings in huge profits for businesses across the globe. But how do you catch the customer’s attention at a time when every other business is trying to? The answer is through digital marketing and using the right marketing strategies. New Year’s shopping is a celebration where people get ready to say goodbye to the present year, and bring in the next one. For most people, this is done in style, and that means sales for businesses.

Stay ahead of your competition by learning about consumer shopping habits. Develop exclusive New Year’s shopping deals and online marketing strategies that will bring all the customers to you!

1) Consumers start their product search online

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Research on consumer shopping trends in recent years show that almost 63% of shoppers start their journeys online. This means that most of your customers are likely to prefer e-commerce portals over retail shops, at least while they’re browsing. Turning to e-commerce portals to make sales will give retail businesses a huge opportunity to make profits. The number of people using the internet to shop is roughly over 2 billion now. With access to worldwide shipping and willing consumers from across the world, now is the time for businesses to go online.

You can expect large numbers of local as well as international customers around New Year’s – especially if you’re actively digital marketing your products using social media.

2) Using Social Media Marketing Strategies

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There’s no turning back from the fact that social media now occupies a powerful position in dictating consumer interests. But this also provides businesses with unique digital marketing opportunities. Through various social media platforms, you can actively encourage people to buy from you. Special year-end discounts and deals that are advertised using a digital marketing campaign can be a great boon to your business.

It’s also an affordable and easy way to reach large groups of people. Consumers regularly interact with popular hashtags. Add relevant hashtags like #newyears, #newyearsdeals and #newyearshopping to your posts to be able to target the right customers. Facebook lets you customize your target audience, so your content only reaches people within a limited area. You can use this to hone in on retail clients.

Remember that consumers will search through social media for content as well. So New Year’s themed content and visuals that generate engagement will be useful online marketing for your brand. The consumers sharing your content creates brand awareness, and this increases the likelihood of more people buying your products.

3) People use the Google search engine more often than you think

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Not only are people starting their New Year’s Eve shopping online more often, they also use a specific search engine more than others. 35% of all product searches start with a Google search, and this is good news for your business. Ranking high in the Google search results, meaning appearing within the first few pages where consumers are more likely to visit your website, is doable. All you need is Search Engine Optimization. An expert can do this for you if you are unable to do it. SEO is when brands utilize certain keywords like ‘new years shopping’, ‘new years shopping deals’ or ‘new years eve shopping’. This is done so that the Google search engine algorithm leads people searching for those terms to the brand’s website by ranking the brand higher in the search listings.

Before New Year’s, the number of people searching for topics like ‘new year’s shopping deals’, ‘new year’s shopping discounts’, and ‘new year’s shopping free shopping’ go up by a large amount. If these keywords are SEO integrated into your website, your web traffic is more likely to increase.

4) Free shipping is becoming more popular

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Especially after Christmas, more people look for free shipping when purchasing products online. This isn’t unusual during off-season either, as 63% of the times, high shipping costs lead to people abandoning their shopping carts. But during New Year’s, this gains new importance as people are not willing to spend on free shipping. That’s why searches for ‘new years free shipping’ also increases during this time.

5) People like ratings and reviews

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A surprising New Year’s search habit you can include in your digital marketing strategies is the use of ratings and reviews. Data shows that 53% of shoppers think that ratings and reviews are important when purchasing a product. If your website doesn’t have a system to use these, include them ASAP. The more a customer sees other people liking and enjoying your products, the more likely they are to purchase from you.

Around the New Year’s, people prefer to purchase products that lead to self-improvement, help them celebrate with others, and create plans around the New Year.

Over the past two years, 49.2% of all sales were made through mobiles, and this trend is only set to increase in 2021 (Statista). Use these insights to launch your digital marketing campaign and net huge profits this New Year’s!

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