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Digital Marketing Academy: Client Story

A award winning group of people on stage at the digital summit discussing digital marketing and SEO.

On the 26th September, HSBC Commercial Banking successfully held it’s very first Digital Summit in Hong Kong. Under the heading ‘See Beyond, Grow Beyond’, the event provided an audience of 7000 people with insights into the process of digitalization and future opportunities to businesses. Interestingly, the idea was born 1 year before inside a bootcamp held by NDN’s Digital Marketing Academy.

Equipped with the necessary expertise and experience, leading professionals from the digital technology industry, including Mr. Yat Siu, Founder & CEO, Outblaze, Mr. Robert Burton, Executive Vice President, Li & Fung (Trading) Ltd, CEO and Founder Cherrypicks, Director and Co-founder of Gogovan etc ., shared their knowledge on how to facilitate and streamline work processes with digital technology- a knowledge that the majority of businesses in Hong Kong lack. HSBC’s purpose was to inspire businesses in Hong Kong to recognize the need to adapt to digital mega trends, as this would be the ultimate key for success. Under going a digital transformation will allow them to grow sustainably in the future, driving their businesses forward.

Two people presenting on stage at the Hong Kong digital summit.

Ideas Evolved From Digital Marketing Academy

The idea of holding this summit in Hong Kong was born in the course of a full-day boot camp hosted by the NDN Academy. Not only did the boot camp enhance HSBC’s understanding of the digital world and digital behaviour, the workshop helped them to explore new ideas to meet their customers’ needs. Therefore, instead of creating an idea for HSBC, the idea itself was a successive result of the boot camp!

Building Thought Leadership

The decision to hold the summit reflects a strategy of thought leadership where the sharing of knowledge enables growth and innovation across businesses. A key finding of the boot camp was that business owners and people of the top management would appreciate quality information content. That made the Digital Summit the ideal solution. It provided information that the target audience could use and spark off a discussion to generate new ideas. This happened immediately after the first session of talks. CEO and Founder of NDN Group Mr. Andy Ann moderated an afterward discussion round of how to leverage technologies for business growth.

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