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Key Takeaways About Digital Marketing in China

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Digital Marketing in China is growing rapidly as more companies are looking for methods for marketing, branding, and communication that is relevant to connect suppliers and consumers. Chinese people are really digital people, they like to interact with the latest technology.

According to a survey in 2012, 49, 4% Chinese users watching videos on their smartphone and now they are about 76.7%. Therefore, digital marketing in China has a significant role for consumers as well as for service providers.

Digital marketing takes advantage of digital medium to create a unified, focused and measurable communications methodology which can help companies in getting their right audience. Using an integrated approach to digital marketing provides a better response rate and building interactive relationships. They are using different Digital Marketing methodologies to access the right customers. Pull strategy off course is considered to be more engaging and effective as with this strategy users seek for information and information is not forced onto him. Some examples of pull media are websites, blogs, social media sites, audio and video.

The digital marketing strategy largely involves high visibility of brand so that the customers may actively seek information related to the brand. On the other hand push this marketing involves active engagement of a target market through email marketing, sending out marketing collaterals, mobile SMS etc. This strategy is primarily focused on brand promotion and does not seek user’s permission to send out the marketing message. These strategies are being used more and more by marketers so as to continuously keep customers engaged.

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Influence of Internet in China

The Internet has become very popular in recent years because maximum people love to go digital they all access each type of information through internet. Besides that, Digital marketing is also more eco-more friendly than more traditional forms of marketing.

Social Network Services are becoming More Popular in China

People in china love socialize as social network are medium of free speech and interacting with people. Besides this, it is best way to avail information about latest trends.

Maximum Mobile Users

Most of the people in china are connected to internet through mobile phones as this is the best and easy way access internet. People in china use more mobile phones rather than PC. Besides this, as maximum time they use their mobile phones they are more expected to avail information provided by digital market strategies.

Great Influence of KOL (KEY OPINION LEADERS)

KOL campaign works much more in China the in western countries. Customers have less confidence in direct advertising often broadcasted on CCTV. People in china more prefer to take advice from their relatives and key opinion leaders. In China, 10% of people influence 90% of the population so key opinion leader, are not to be neglected.


  • Marketers more listening carefully on cross-platform strategies

Mostly in China, cross platform has always been very important; and easy, at least for the top professionals of digital media marketing in Hong Kong. The three major social and messaging platforms in the country- We Chat, QQ and Weibo are the brainchild of one internet company, Tencent. Although they all have distinct USPs, on many fronts they are a bit related. And most of Chinese today uses at least 2 of these platforms each day.

  • O2O is more relevant than ever

Online to Offline (O2O) marketing has become quite important for businesses in China. And there is prosperity of reasons behind that. Any and nearly every market is facing a hyper-competition. There are just lots of brands and products that are likely just like yours. Also, to build a sustainable relationship with the clients, faith and a ‘special feel’ are required. O2O marketing brings that to the table.


M-Commerce is just at the beginning to know a bright future in China. Especially we chat which is on the way to become the future M-commerce platform in China.


We cannot really called social media a fashion now, it is a must have. Most of the brands are there in social media, what is actually the trend now is to know how to link the promotion campaign to the social characteristic. There is one really good example of a product which has done well to optimize the social media tool in the publicity campaign in a special way, not only by communicating on social media hold up but by integrating this social feature in the marketing video campaign.

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Thus, digital marketing is an extensive field. However, we can conclude that businesses who are digitally active will surely gain on the mind share of their customers.

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