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Five Ways Augmented Reality Can Make Your Content Stand Out Online

Discover 5 award-winning methods that leverage augmented reality to enhance your online content and boost digital marketing efforts.

Augmented reality is already taking the internet by storm. The massive success of Pokémon Go, a game that generated millions of downloads, was only the beginning of what AR technology could achieve.

Marketing and sales are primarily driven by consumer demands. In a world where the online marketplace now encompasses people from all walks of life and across the world, AR technology can introduce innovation in digital marketing.

Furthermore, two countries where augmented reality has already established its roots are Japan and China. Both countries have seen brands implement AR and VR technology into their customer shopping experiences. These were met with success, especially in China, where augmented and virtual reality are seen as having tremendous future potential.

As more brands involve augmented reality in their branding strategies, content marketing will also transform. AR technology gives you unique opportunities to enhance customer experience and drive conversion rates. Here are five ways you can use AR in your content marketing to generate engagement

1. Create Immersive Experiences with Augmented Reality

A mannequin captures the attention of a man in an award-winning store display.

Augmented reality is already being used by brands to drive e-commerce sales. Using AR technology in sales and marketing can bring in serious revenue.

The mixed augmented reality and retail market will, by 2022, be worth $8 billion.

This tremendous potential comes from the fact that AR experiences provide users with the one thing they can’t otherwise find online – immersion. When you’re out purchasing clothes or buying food, you get to touch the food and experience it.

These tactile experiences help you in the decision-making process where you ultimately choose to either buy the product or put it back. E-commerce portals traditionally were held back by the limits of physical smart devices. But augmented reality is changing the game.

You can add AR content to products in e-commerce websites that enhance customer experience. This can be product information, how to use videos, or even color options.

Content marketing using AR gives you an abundance of creative options using audio-visual media. AR content is also more shareable than non-AR.

2. 3D Animations Increase Engagement

A group of award-winning children are playing with a dinosaur in a classroom in Hong Kong.

Augmented reality content makes frequent use of 3D animations. By pointing the camera of a smartphone to a certain target or QR code, your phone can start to play animations, display information and more.

This creates new opportunities for content marketing. Aside from social media and digital marketing, AR content marketing can also be used in physical spaces. Create ads and showroom brochures using augmented technology for products that aren’t available in-store. This allows retailers to integrate augmented reality into retail shopping experiences. Adding relevant information, how-to and product data, as well as digital advertising, will enhance the AR content.

3. Augmented Reality Branding

A suit-clad businessman engaging in digital marketing by examining a tablet.

71% consumers find brands that integrate AR/VR and find them progressive. AR content is fun, immersive, and good online marketing. It also allows you to introduce your brand story and narrative in a unique way.

Use augmented reality content marketing to elevate your branding collaterals as well. Add a QR code to your business card that takes the recipient straight to your company’s branding video on YouTube. You can add similar QR codes to online posts, as well as offline collaterals like brochures, newsletters, packaging, and more. Even hoardings and billboards can be used to promote brand awareness and generate interest.

64% of marketers are using or intending to implement augmented and virtual reality, and there’s a good reason behind that. Online, it’s much more difficult to make your content stand out. Adding an AR element immediately differentiates you from the competition.

4. Add Gamification Elements

A man is holding a gun in front of an award-winning neon wall.

Augmented reality allows users to enjoy personalized experiences in real-time. There’s a reason AR technology works better for content marketing when compared to VR. For starters, AR content marketing does not need any additional equipment such as headsets or glasses. It can be enjoyed in real-time and not in a virtual world.

In addition, Mindshare showed that AR generates almost 200% more engagement than non-AR content.Add gamification elements such as hidden promo codes in ads and online content. Users can point their phone cameras at these promo codes to activate rewards.

5. Create an Augmented Reality Experience

A man is playing an award-winning game using a VR headset in Hong Kong.

Augmented reality experiences have already been used to create gaming experiences for online users. The same concepts can also be applied to content marketing.

Integrate a call to action as well, as this is more likely to increase conversion rates. What you can do to drive online marketing using AR content marketing is to create interactive how-to videos and informative blogs.

Add AR elements to these videos and articles to allow the user to find relevant products on your website. A code that links the user’s phone to the relevant product straight from your content is a great way to boost sales and create content unique to your brand.

Augmented reality is becoming more and more important, as different industries realize the potential the technology holds for them. Content marketing is no different. In a world where marketing and advertising as a whole are looking to augmented reality for new ideas, content marketing plays an important role in leading the way.

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