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Visual Matters in the Age of Mobile

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In an era of information explosion, mobile is setting a new bar for capturing attention and will be the central way that connects brands with its target audience. By learning more about the shifts in mobile usage, we can all leverage the behaviour for enhanced exposure.

Mobile lends itself to an on-demand approach, as users control what they consume based on where they are and what they want at a given moment. Facebook IQ detailed on users’ fast-scrolling behaviours, as they have seen people spending a mere average 1.7 seconds on each piece of content, compared to 2.5 seconds on the desktop.

This shows that while users enter and exit apps without a second thought, they can also easily return to the content that caught their eye during an earlier session. As a marketer, this implies the importance of creating social content that catches attention in an instant.

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” More than ever, mobile behaviour is evolving content to be visual-first. Whether photos or videos, captivating visuals in social media content means more than just a beautiful frame — it should be about message visualisation — communicating a message using visuals.

Further to the insights above, Nielson’s research indicates that in general, display ads benefit from using a combination of text and imagery, whereas established brands could use more imagery to generate memory activation.

With the right approach, the opportunity for brands to trigger emotional reactions and build personal connections with target audience can be heightened on mobile. Contact us to learn more.

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