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5 Ways to Leverage Marketing Automation

5 ways to use award-winning digital marketing and SEO strategies to leverage marketing automation, enhance customer engagement, and increase sales.

With the advent of marketing technology, increasing customer engagement has been made a tad bit easier. Marketing automation has played a significant role in enabling companies to provide a better customer experience to their leads and acquire long-lasting loyal customers.

Marketing automation available on content marketing platforms has also enabled businesses to retain their customers, thus providing them with a source of recurring orders. In the MarTech landscape, also referred to as marketing technology, there are numerous MarTech tools that can assist companies in increasing their sales.

In Addition, with the everchanging MarTech trends, the choice of these MarTech tools changes as well. However, to be able to identify the right MarTech tool for your marketing department, one needs to identify how to utilize these marketing automation tools as well.

To help you out, here are five solid ways to leverage marketing automation and enhance customer engagement to drive sales:

1. Loyalty programs: Enhanced customer engagement with loyal customers via Marketing Automation

Customer Relationship


If you are looking to build a business that endures, you need to provide benefits to your loyal customers. In other words, you should provide great benefits to customers who have been purchasing from you consistently. Rewarding them enables you to gain loyalty and helps you build a long-term relationship.

Loyalty programs or reward points for such customers is one of the most popular MarTech trends today. According to The Wise Marketer, 58.7% of customers feel that loyalty rewards are an incredibly rewarding part of their shopping experience. Identifying these high-purchase customers can be a tough task without any MarTech tools. This is where marketing automation comes into play.

Furthermore, Marketing automation tools can enable businesses to identify the right customer for loyalty benefits. These MarTech tools point out to all customers who have been purchasing from your business. As a result, you can also identify customers who tend to spend more than others.

One can then send out targeted offers, discounts, loyalty programs, and gifts to such customers. To sum up, rewarding your loyal customers this way not only enhances customer engagement but also compels them to recommend your brand to their friends and family.

2. Automated social media posts: Better customer engagement in varied time zones via Marketing Automation

Social Media Customer Engagement Timing

This is especially true if you have customers in multiple time zones or are looking to target new international customers. The time at which your social media post gets posted plays an important role in determining who sees your posts and engages with it. If you are looking to expand your customer base, you need to familiarize yourself with the global time zones, which will determine the time you post a given post on social media.

Marketing automation tools can help you automate this by scheduling posts. Content marketing platforms like Buffer or Hootsuite enable you to schedule your social media posts. This way, not only do you catch people in different time zones, but also manage your post frequency. Consistent posts on social media are crucial when you are looking to enhance customer engagement.

3. Omnichannel marketing: Provide customers a seamless experience via Marketing Automation

Omnichannel Marketing Social Media Customer Experience

Now, more than ever, omnichannel marketing is key in providing customers with a seamless customer experience no matter the channel they engage with you on. According to Invespcro, companies utilizing omnichannel marketing strategies retain 89% of their customers. MarTech tools can help you place a solid omnichannel concept in place.

Now, if a customer signs up on your website, marketing automation tools can instantly and automatically send them a welcome email. You might even want to consider adding a first-time discount!

Moreover, if a customer puts something in their cart and abandons it, your marketing automation tool will send a reminder email regarding their abandoned cart. You can even automate shipping confirmation and delivery messages using marketing automation tools, as well as integrate these messages with WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

By providing your customers with a smooth and seamless omnichannel shopping experience, you enhance customer engagement. Thereby boosting your sales without any extra efforts.

4. Content analysis using CMS system: Find what works for your customers

Customer Engagement Content Management Social Media


To enhance customer engagement, you need to know what you are doing wrong and change it. Marketing automation tools integrated with a content management system can help you out with this. An integrated content management system or CMS enables you to identify which type of content performed well and which didn’t.

You can also get automated reports on bad reviews, negative comments, and more. With an integrated CMS system, it can enable you to ensure that you are continuously improving on your social media engagement. Plus, you can avoid doing things that might negatively impact your business.

5. Improved customer experience using MarTech stack: Build long-term relationships via Marketing Automation

Customer Experience UX/UI


An important part of enhancing customer engagement is improving the customer experience. This is where UX comes into play. While an integrated MarTech stack mostly works directly in relation to increasing sales, an integrated web design content management system works differently.

Using marketing automation on content marketing platforms like Groove, you can send out automated emails to customers who have just joined. In this email, ask them what made them sign up on your website.

In addition, such feedback questions and surveys enable you to build long-term relationships with your customers. According to Finextra, 82% of companies believe that it’s easier to retain customers than acquire new ones.

On the other hand, you can use this feedback in your web design content management system, and utilize it to build a better user experience. Doing so makes your customers feel valued and treasured. This goes a long way in retaining your customers and receiving benefits from it via recurring orders.

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