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8 Creative Pokémon GO Marketing Ideas 2016

Award-winning digital marketing ideas for Pokemon Go in 2016.

Pokémon GO is taking the world by storm, especially among the younger segment. People are hanging out on streets and even travelling around the city to collect different Pokémons. As a marketer or Entrepreneur, how can you ride on the success of the game and tap into trend? Here we gathered some inspiration for you and your business.

1. Telecom Company: 1010

Pokémon GO consumes lots of mobile data. To create buzz, our client 1010 immediately launched an ad on social media offering free unlimited data to all customers for Pokémon GO. Fans were excited about the service and shared the news on the internet.

2. Fast Food Restaurant: Subway

Pokémon trainers were busy catching new Pokémon and we knew it. Our Social Media team quickly published a refreshing photo for Subway, reminding people to stop at Subways for some refreshments. Yea, the audience liked it and the organic reach on Facebook increased by 300%!

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3. Gym

Social Media Marketing is powerful. Sometimes Pokémons speak more than words. You can discover interesting Pokémons around your shop and let them be your temporary spokespersons. It will easily go viral.


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4. Pest Control Company

Have you made use of AR to produce an unique ad? If you are a pest control company, this photo may help you stand out on social media.

Ew. | #pokemon #pokemongo

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5. Photography Company: Fujifilm Intax

Fujifilm tried a different approach for catching up the Pokémon GO trend. Owing to its engaging hipster segment, our team created a sensational copy about Pokémon GO. It depicted the similar feelings when waiting for someone.

English translation: You are waiting for a Pokémon, while I am waiting for someone.

6. Cafe

The lure module in Pokémon GO can attract more Pokémon to stay at a place. If you are a cafe owner, you can probably spend around HKD 10/hour(Cost per each Lure Module) to attract more potential customers. Try to start with non-peak hour and bring more traffic!

 8 Creative Pokémon GO Marketing Ideas 2016 digital agency hong kong

7. Electronics Company

The sales for portable batteries surged in recent days. You could try offering some charging service or launching engagement campaigns for winning chargers on social media platforms. Pokémon GO trainers would love it and share your messages.

8. Other Companies

Pokémon GO players are devided into three teams: Yellow, Red and Blue. If you really can’t think of any idea for your brand, why not swear allegiance to one of the teams? You can also create special offerings for your specific team, adding some fun for your customers.

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