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Social Media Strategies for Non-profit Organizations

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Gone are the ages of push-selling strategies. Social media platforms are a level playing field for enthusiastic marketers to deliver engaging content. We believe social media, with the viral factor and analytics, is a perfect low-threshold tool for non-profit organizations to spread word-of-mouth. We were honored to share industry insights and ideas with Breakthrough, a charity focusing on youth service in Hong Kong.

In his sharing, our Associate Account Director John drew participants’ attention to the importance of an organization’s core values in determining how its campaigns would be run. He talked about ways to carry out Breakthrough’s vision of encouraging youngsters to put love and care in action and to maximize the exposure of their work.

For non-profit organizations like Breakthrough, social media is an important platform to connect with like-minded individuals, form communities and motivate them to act and share ideas. In terms of content, John addressed the necessity of relating to the audience in order to build resonance and connection, encouraging marketers to bring practical value and produce those that can trigger emotions. These qualities will build the foundation for a post or video to go viral.

Participants were given a program logic model exercise, in which they were able to experiment with social media project planning — from identifying the root problem to reaching the ideal outcome. Our team also suggested digitalizing Breakthrough’s counseling services in preparation for the emergence of a new social media platform in the coming decade. It was truly a rewarding experience sharing our knowledge and skills with an organization that is making a difference.

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