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10 Business to Business Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics for 2017

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This year, global businesses are looking forward to develop innovative marketing strategies for the coming year and multiply the number of clients while giving a boost to their sales figures.

It’s the best time for marketers to review the best B2B digital marketing strategies and tactics that could be used in next year and assess their approaches against other businesses in the sector. While marketing strategies for B2C sector can be quite simple, but for the marketers involved in the B2B sector, there are some particularly pressing issues which make marketing quite difficult.

A good starting point for reviewing the best digital marketing strategies and tactics that will make a positive impact next year is to think through innovation across all marketing channels. Here in the article, I’d like to demonstrate some of the most result-oriented business to business digital marketing strategies for 2017 to give you the biggest uplift on business the coming year.

1. Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is one of the most preferred strategies by the global B2B marketing companies and stands atop the B2B digital marketing strategies. It provides an automated way of scoring and nurturing leads with appealing and attractive content along the journey to purchase. The strategy has been a great support for the global businesses to bring more sales and attract more visitors, however we came to know that not many businesses are fully exploiting marketing automation since they are at an early level of maturity. However, it’s going to be a great success in the coming year.

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2. Content Marketing

This has been used in B2B marketing campaigns for many years and is likely to gain more progress and success in the coming year as well. Over the past many years, readers of digital content have voted for the importance of content marketing amongst the marketing activities available. The success of content marketing lies upon the perfect balance of content quality, frequency and its quality of course. Remember that its future depends on shorter content and less content. Shorter and appealing content can be more effective in business-to-business blog posts.

3. Web Personalisation

There’s a reason that website personalisation has made its way to this countdown. This is a well-established technique for ecommerce websites, but traditionally has been less widely used within business-to-business marketing campaigns.

4. Account-based Marketing

Also known as ABM, Account Based Marketing is an established approach in B2B marketing, particularly within larger organisations that have structures and processes to target key accounts.

Earlier, ABM was one of the digital marketing strategies and tactics which was poorly supported by most Marketing Automation services which focus on individual customer records.

5. Mobile Marketing

Well, I don’t think I need to explain the important the tiny devices that are able to perform biggest tasks in our lives. Shift to the mobile is a key trend for B2B marketers. Because Google tells us that most businesses have responsive site, so it’s clear that mobile marketing brings great opportunities to almost every type of business. It’s no secret that Mobile Marketing is going to be a great success in year 2017.

6. Social Media

With millions of people currently active on leading social media platforms, it’s no longer a secret that social media marketing has been a great technique for the B2B marketing and is going to gain more success in the future as well. Researchers show that B2B businesses tend to get the best results from LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Youtube and Slideshare also stand out as particularly effective. If you want to grow your business in China, WeChat marketing is definitely an option you can’t miss.

7. Incorporating Artificial Intelligence

Smart robots were once science fiction, but artificial intelligence (AI) is now turning into real strategy for B2B marketing that most digital marketers are utilizing. For example, chatbots on Facebook have helped the tech industry better serve customers without the assistance of an actual human being. Incorporating artificial intelligence can help brands a greater number of customers without expending costs on customer service.

8. Channel Integration

With countless separate digital marketing channels available, there is a tendency of marketers to focus on individual channels, but an integrated nurturing process can reap dividends. One of the leading trends for successful B2B marketing campaign is the integration of different channels.

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9. Native Advertising

Ever wondered how many of your consumers that are actually looking (and responding) to your advertisements? If your answer is not many, then it’s the time that should start considering changing your strategy and implementing native advertising. It has been around for a while and while the concept isn’t new, expect to see them in abundance in 2017.

10. Technology Wearables

Regardless of your thoughts on the highly advanced Apple Watch and its usefulness, wearable technology is gaining traction. However, it’s not too late to start thinking for digital marketers to consider about how wearables can benefit their brand. Make it a part of your B2B digital marketing strategies and you’re ready to explore the benefits without having to worry about the failure.

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