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How Fun Can Financial Marketing Be?

A cartoon of an Asian man featuring Hong Kong and digital marketing elements.

In the eyes of a seasoned online marketer, no industry is too boring for content marketing. There’s a common misconception that tongue-in-cheek creativity finds no place in an industry like the financial services where credibility and professionalism are so highly regarded. In fact, a brand can easily stand out just by letting a little personality shine through.

We are thrilled to work with like-minded clients like BCT Group, with whom we fostered a series of exciting Facebook posts. BCT Group is a major MPF product provider in Hong Kong. The company offers a customised online platform that allows both employers and employees to easily view and manage schemes and their underlying funds. It is their aim to promote this unique feature as well as raising brand awareness among the younger generation online.

We are aware that young Hong Kongers in general are far from excited about investment-related messaging. And with innovation and flexibility at the core of BCT Group’s care values, we find it apt to use humour to bridge the gap between our brand and the audience.

We rode on the city’s hottest news, trending slangs and paired them up with storytelling visuals. The results are engaging feeds such as this one on Li Ka-Shing’s retirement that not only garnered Likes, but Comments from Facebook users without having to offer any incentives.

In a highly-regulated industry such as finance, a touch of well thought-out lightheartedness humanises brands and takes it one step closer to converting its target audience. When done right, being a little adventurous can indeed deliver attractive returns!

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