July 5th, 2018

How Should Brands Utilise IGTV?

Instagram has released IGTV, its sibling application on 20th June, 2018. The app recognises all users as creators, encouraging us to visualise our ideas and thoughts through long-form videos by phone.

IGTV allows creators to make vertically-oriented videos as short as 15 seconds, and as long as an hour (exclusive to larger accounts). Creators are able to enjoy greater flexibility in video editing, and include more elaborated content, images and ideas in their production. Followers can express immediate feedback through likes, comments and direct messaging.

IGTV has not included any advertising elements as of yet. However, businesses can make good use of this simple and intuitive platform to draw the audience closer to your brand. Virtual store tours, product demonstrations and how-to videos are all good ways to generate traffic, boost brand awareness and ultimately sales. Talk to us about incorporating IGTV in your marketing strategy!


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