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How we built our own Chatbot and why!

Award winning academy apk with screenshot, based in Hong Kong.

At NDN Group, we are constantly experimenting with new technologies. So, when Facebook announced the launch of the “Chatbots for Messenger”, we decided to build one on own! There was just one problem, what would our bot do?

I mean, if you are a magazine… your bot can show articles. If you are an airline… your bot can help your passengers check-in. But if you are an agency… what is the bot supposed to do?

… and then it hit us!

A few days later, we would be hosting the “NDN Academy” a 4 days digital marketing Bootcamp for the top marketing professionals in Hong Kong. What if we could create a chatbot to interact with them? So, that is what we did!

Messenger Bot start

First one needs to “sign up”

As any good experience, the first part of the journey should be training the user. So we prepared our bot to show short “icebreakers”, in order to engage the user to continue.

NDN Chatbot 1 NDN Chatbot 2 NDN Chatbot 3

In case the user couldn’t come up with anything to ask, we prepared three alternatives in the menu below: “Who are the speakers?”, “What are the 6 Mega Trend?” & “Surprise me!”.


If the user asked “Who are the speakers?”. The bot then introduced them shortly with a picture. Here is only one example of our many speakers:

Chatbot Intro First Speaker

If the user asked: “What are the 6 Mega Trend?”, the bot tricked them into being curious about the topic. The answer was never the same!

chatbot answer 1 chatbot answer 2 chatbot answer 3

Cool functions, right? But those were just the fundamentals. By making use of the right infrastructure, our bot was prepared to ask question during the talks, do surveys, , collect results and even see analytics on how many people had the chatbot activate. This and many other features of chatbot building,  were only available to the administrators:

Admin Panel

In short, it was an amazing medium to engage our audience. Of course, this is only one of many “use cases”. If you want to find out more about how chatbots can improve your organization, we are the first chatbot building company in Hong Kong!

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