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Leveraging FOMO for Social Media Success

A woman in Hong Kong showcases an award-winning digital marketing campaign through a smartphone with a sale sign on it.

The online world moves fast. One being away in a matter of hours could result in missing out major news, friend updates or anything of interest. Anyone who feels unease under such circumstances experiences FOMO — the Fear of Missing Out.

No one wants to be the odd one out. As of all marketing psychology, brands can capitalise on it to drive engagement and conversion online. Here are a few ways.

Create urgency

Try putting a time limit to your offer. It can create a sense of urgency — making users feel like they will miss out by not taking action. As cliché as they are, keywords like last call, last day do work!

Partner with influencers

We don’t call them key opinion leaders for nothing. Internet users trust the opinions of those they choose to follow. Collaborating with popular YouTubers or IG-ers creates a sense of endearment among their followers for your brand and makes them feel they shouldn’t miss you out.

Initiate UGC content

Showcase user feedbacks, organise giveaway games where they share experience — user-generated content is authentic. It will create an impression that the high quality of your goods or services prompts great response, which in turn increase the target audience’s interest and boost your following.

Digital trends and algorithms come and go, but human nature remains constant. It will never be outdated to apply the above tips!

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