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The C-Suite talk: Achieve success at Digital Transformation

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Just when you think by now surely all companies have mastered their digital transformation, a recent report by Forrester Consulting suggested otherwise. A mere 5% of organizations said they had successfully made digital an advantage over their competitors.

What does a business have to do to become one of those five percenters?

“First and foremost, set a clear digital vision and strategy. It might seem obvious, but many companies do struggle with this simple step,” Andy Ann, Chairman of NDN Group, said. “Improving customer experience is above all one of the top goals in digital transformation.”

“Many companies think making a significant investment in technology is the be-all and end-all of the process. That cannot be further from the truth,” Ann continued.

“That’s right,” chimed in Louise Au, COO of NDN Group. “Technology certainly is a great part of digital transformation, but operational processes and human resources still take centre stage. It’s essential to communicate your end vision and any necessary changes so that everyone in the business is well aware of the direction they’re heading.”

Paula Yang, NDN Group’s GM, explained the concept further. “Digital transformation is a company-wide initiative. For it to succeed, you got to change the work culture and get everyone involved. Build enthusiasm. At the end of the day, your staff are the ones delivering the change. If they’re excited about the transformation and genuinely believe in the benefits that it brings, you’re already halfway there!”

“A good way to start is to invite digital transformation experts to speak to your staff about how to grow business through digital. That does wonders exciting and inspiring staff members,” said Au. “Meanwhile, identify those on your team who welcome digital the most. Provide them with more training and let them be the ambassadors and motivate others from within your business.”

“That includes the senior levels as well,” Ann added. “You’d be surprised how even some of the most senior-level staff can have a hard time appreciating the impact of digital transformation. Bringing in industry experts would certainly help bring across the message.”

“Businesses also need to find ways to engage with their customers through technology. When face-to-face contact is almost non-existent, what can we do to provide quality customer service and give it a bit of a personal touch at the same time?  For instance, how about sending your customers a personalized video instead of a standard email reply?” Yang added. “Also make sure you set clear key performance indicators to measure results and keep track of your progress.

“Do consider partnering up with an expert,” Ann said. “No one knows everything.  Sometimes enlisting third parties that can guide you through the transformation could be a win-win situation and save you loads of money and time in the end.”

“And don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Empower your staff. Let them try out new ideas without the red tape and review them afterwards,” the Chairman concluded.

Digital transformation could be something that everyone is doing, but not everyone is doing it well. Start with a shared vision; experiment with technologies while nurturing innovative cultures over time to sustain the transformation. Let us help! Find out more here.

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