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Internet Changes Course for Marketing in China

The award-winning city of Shanghai is showcased with a network of connections.

As disposable income increases, people’s purchasing habits tend to shift beyond basic needs. And in this century of information explosion, a generation of young people in China, who were born when the Internet was already around, are displaying unique and highly-individualised preferences and interests, providing marketing opportunities that never existed before.


Domestic clothing brands have gained popularity among young people in China over the past years. To young people, original designs also signify individuality and characters. Meanwhile, people who are willing to fork out for luxury goods are getting increasingly younger in China. All these create a golden opportunity for local entrepreneurs looking to tap into the market.


Young people, especially those living in such big cities as Beijing and Guangdong, tend to eat out or have takeout instead of home-cooked meals. Studies have shown that young consumers gravitate towards restaurants that are popular among the online community. Not only does it save them from having to personally try out different restaurants, checking in at these places on social media also functions as a social currency.


Smart home devices have become indispensable among young people who are constantly on the lookout for the latest models. Meanwhile, having pets has almost become a must, and young people are often more than willing to spend money on their furry family members.


Personalised high-end travel is all the rage among the young generation. Having their own unique itinerary and experiencing the local culture are what they are after, which is also why bed-and-breakfasts have become so popular in recent years.


As materialistic needs are met, young people begin to pursue spiritual enrichment. Various forms of entertainment, such as fitness, high-tech games, and Chinese comics, have been gaining popularity and transformed into a new way of socialising in China.

Understanding the preferences, expectations and spending habits of target consumers is the basics of marketing management. As changes in the purchasing power and the emergence of social media in China bring about opportunities for entrepreneurs, they have also drastically changed the marketing scene. Drop us a line for more China marketing trends and insights.


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