One Brand, Two Markets - New Digital Noise
A woman in Hong Kong holding a ring in a black and white photo.

While jewellers with a strong global presence are highly sought after in China, localising the brand’s marketing campaign to suit local tastes takes great understanding and expertise. Starting from 2017, New Digital Noise has been helping India’s premium diamond jewellery house Nirav Modi to explore both Hong Kong and China markets with very different approaches.

The jeweller has launched the EMBRACE Collection, a series of versatile, innovative and playful diamond jewels with a unique patented stretch mechanism. Based on their distinct market mentality, consumption patterns and usage of digital devices, the Hong Kong campaign focuses on driving an emotional experience and showcasing the collection’s innovative design; while the China campaign stresses luxury and femininity.

We make use of Facebook in Hong Kong to create empathy and engagement through the theme of Embracing Every Moment. With the popularity of live stream mobile applications in China, Nirav Modi’s promotion includes video marketing on YI live streams, which could help building a loyal fan base and bringing brand awareness.

Image and text, videos, native and location ads were used in Wechat to target the Mainland Chinese fan base; while in Hong Kong, the Facebook advertisements feature a visually-appealing and intriguing carousel with tips on creating exciting moments in life to stimulate excitement and pleasure.

The Nirav Modi campaign is a rewarding experience for our team to exercise our understanding of the ever-changing consumer landscapes in both Hong Kong and China markets. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more.

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