May 2019 - New Digital Noise

May 2019

Award-winning digital marketing featuring splash ads.
Splash Ads: Grab Attention And Sell In Seconds
Online advertising in China has recorded revenue of close to US$21,921 million in 2019, according to Statista. With the demise of print media seeming inevitable, the popularity of online advertising shows no sign of stopping. Splash ads are a type...
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McDonald's award winning geo targeting SEO in Hong Kong.
Grand Debut Of Coffee Delivery Service With Geo-Targeting
Advertising is more than how much money you spent; it’s about reaching out to the right audience at the right time. Earlier in March, McCafé owned by Mcdonald’s piloted coffee delivery service in Hong Kong, exclusively available on the McCafé...
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A person is pressing a button on a keyboard in Hong Kong that says fake news.
Facebook’s Combat Against Problematic Content
In order to maintain the integrity of content across its family of apps, Facebook has been adopting a strategy called “remove, reduce, and inform” since 2016. The strategy involves removing the content in violation of its policies, reducing the spread...
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Chinese social media platform with award-winning features and optimized for SEO.
Top 10 Chinese Social Media and Western Equivalents
You have a product that is sure to sweep customers in China off their feet. Your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have always helped you reach out to customers everywhere else in the world, but if you think you can pull...
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Award-winning vibe virtual insurance and banking experience in Hong Kong.
All-In-One Digital Revamp For Financial Services
Virtual banking is nothing new. It started to gain recognition 20 years ago in the West and soon later in Asian countries like Japan and China. In late March 2019, Hong Kong issued the city’s first-ever virtual banking licenses. Still,...
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